Formulated to naturally care for sensitive skin in newborns, during a phase where they are more vulnerable to irritants, changes in temperature and environments. Infused with our Fresh Baby Scent, our Stage One products are meant to nourish, hydrate, heal, protect, and strengthen the natural balance of a baby’s delicate

Formulated to naturally care for active toddlers as their delicate skin is exposed to outdoor elements and changing environments. Soothing and therapeutic botanicals in our Stage Two products are carefully selected to provide refreshing comfort, long-lasting hydration, and natural skin protection with an uplifting citrus scent.

Our phase-focused approach to proper baby skin care

As babies develop from birth through toddlerhood, their skin changes, requiring special care and more targeted attention. Just like with adults, a child’s growth and development brings different levels of activity, environmental exposures, skin sensitivities and protection needs. In the first few months after birth, a baby’s skin is thinner and more vulnerable to friction (chafing), detergents, temperature changes and other harsh agents; therefore needing extra protection to stay hydrated and naturally balanced

As infants grow into toddlers, they become more active with their exploratory road to independence and messiness. Moms will be right behind them trying to keep them clean, but as we wash more often, it’s also important to keep the skin properly moisturized and protected to maintain a healthy barrier against bacteria, climatic changes and external environmental factors.

At BabySpa®, our unique blends are especially formulated to address these changing skin care needs throughout a child’s growing years. Our natural bath and body care collection is the only one of its kind with an easy-to-follow ‘stages’ approach. Based on developmental milestones, our two stages are individually tailored and created to accompany your little one every step of the way. Unique ethnobotanicals traditionally used by Ancient Native Americans, virgin oils from Indonesian and Pacific Islands, and patented Swiss moisturizers are all combined to provide nourishing, therapeutic and soothing skin care for healthy, happy babies.