We are a natural bath and body care collection for newborns through preschoolers made with special ethnobotanical blends that provide
lasting hydration, soothing effects and sweet, comforting sensations.

The BabySpa Story

So… how did the owner of a marketing company that builds global brands for others become the founder of BabySpa®, a natural bath and body care line for children?

Well, while not your typical story, let me share how it all came about. Working in a fast paced environment with women, some pregnant, some single, some moms and with the upcoming birth of one of our chief graphic artist’s baby girl, a lot of discussion was tossed around about baby care products in the market. While there were a few good products with different attributes, it seemed like none truly encompassed all of the traits they would like to see in a baby skin care collection.

After months of passionate discussions, we decided to take upon ourselves the challenge of digging deeper into the subject and applied our marketing research know-how to seek and identify what busy moms need and desire. After spending endless hours sifting through hundreds of published pediatric dermatology white papers, conducting interviews and focus groups with moms, and testing dozens of popular baby care products in the market, the results were clear: There was not a single product line that fulfilled all of the demands of health- conscious parents.

Armed with this information, we consulted renowned European research labs and expert dermatologists who confirmed the need for a more sensible baby care product collection that addressed the specific skin care needs of babies as they grow and are exposed to different environmental factors. We met with botanical experts to find natural, organic and effective ingredients that are ECOCERT® certified. We partnered with the highest quality Swiss labs and cosmetic manufacturers to help us develop our smooth and silky textures, signature fresh scents, and eco-friendly products with ethnobotanicals that promote healthy skin.

Three years later, we are excited to make our BabySpa® products available to the moms who have made this possible, and to all of the parents out there seeking easy-to-use and effective skin care products for their babies.

Our Philosophy: Born to Nurture. Inspired by Nature

When we think of spas, words like soothing…nourishing…and relaxing come to mind. We imagine calming and therapeutic body care rituals where oils and lotions hydrate and protect our skin, and, of course, also think about all of the amazing aromas we just love to take in! At BabySpa®, we embrace all of these wonderful qualities within our baby care collection to provide your little ones with stimulating and comforting sensations everyday, nature’s way.

Inspired by therapeutic spa cultures, ancient traditions and luxurious body care rituals, our bath and body care collection offers complete sensory experiences and those pampering moments we all love to feel. We have a fundamental philosophy that goes beyond just a line of all-natural, eco-friendly products; it’s a belief that the special connection between mother and child begins with the power of touch. Our bath milks, body washes, shampoos, lotions, creams, and oils are all naturally blended to wrap babies in silky-smooth goodness, turning day-to-day baby care routines into memorable bonding moments.

Our unique blends merge Old World traditions with the latest advancements in baby skin care research to provide naturally balanced products that are wholesome, safe and innovative. Each one of our formulations combines ECOCERT® certified ethnobotanicals traditionally used by ancient Native Americans, vitamin-rich oils native to the Indonesian and Pacific Islands and patented moisturizers from Switzerland into an ingredient mix that is 95-100% natural!

Our Commitment

At BabySpa®, we are wholesome, honest, and pure in our approach. Because we truly care about your little ones, we are 100% committed to being…

All of our products are 95-100% natural! We believe natural is better, and therefore always use extracts and oils from plants, roots and flowers to deliver gentle, vitamin-rich skin care. Our collection contains over 30 different botanicals, each one carefully selected for its unique benefits and therapeutic properties.


Our BabySpa® collection is suitable for all skin types, but especially created to care for your baby’s skin. Each one of our products is tested in laboratories to ensure they are safe and compatible with delicate skin. We specialize in developing mild formulas that are never irritating and always free of harsh chemicals.

Paraben FREE
Phthalate FREE
Poyethylene Glycol (PEG) FREE
Mineral Oil FREE
Bisphenol A (BPA) FREE

Skin-friendly & Eco-Friendly

As part of our commitment to sustainability and preserving our world, our products use organic and ECOCERT® certified ingredients derived from renewable resources and manufactured by environmentally friendly processes such as certified organic farming in Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.

ECOCERT® is an international certification body for sustainable development that is accredited by the USDA for the natural organic process (NOP) and recognized by public and private bodies for the inspection of organic farming standards. As an international network working to help people and the environment, ECOCERT® is considered the most important organization committed to promoting environmentally and socially responsible activities. Its inspection standards are very strict as it demands the most serious and respectful attitude towards the consumers, the products and the environment.