Our Featured Ethnobotanicals

Ethnobotanicals are indigenous plants traditionally used by people of a particular culture and region, for food, shelter, and medicinal purposes.

Nyamplung Oil

Nyamplung is an ECOCERT® certified organic oil manually extracted from the almonds of Calophyllum inophylluma, a Melanesian tree native to Indonesia and the Pacific Islands and grown free of pesticides. Known for its soothing, regenerating and healing properties, Nyamplung is rich in unsaponiafiables and Vitamin A to provide moisturizing and conditioning effects. This unique ethnobotanical is a natural SPF booster that prevents free radical production and damages induced by UV exposure.

Kendi Oil

Kendi is an ECOCERT® certified organic oil manually extracted from the nuts of the Aleurites Moluccana, an Indonesian tree native to Malaysia and the Pacific Islands. Several parts of the tree, such as the bark and leaves have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. Kendi Oil is a natural anti-oxidant rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E that nourish and protect the skin and hair in a natural way, leaving them smooth and silky-soft.

Kizis Oil

Kizis™ is an ECOCERT® certified organic botanical active extracted from the Cimicifuga Racemosa roots and native to Eastern North America. Traditionally used by Ancient Native Americans for its therapeutic properties, Kizis™ meaning the ‘Sun’, soothes, refreshes and supports the skin’s natural defense mechanisms for better protection and after-sun recovery.

Songa Oil

Songa™ is an ECOCERT® certified extract from the Solidago Virgaurea flower that was traditionally used by Ancient Native Americans for its therapeutic properties. Songa™ meaning ‘Strength’ in Algonquian language, is a preservative free botanical formulated without any solvent other than water. Its healing properties and collagen effects help keep the skin soft and nourished while maintaining a firm yet supple skin texture.

EGee Unisoothe

Swiss Moisturizers EGee Unisoothe (patented) is a combination of 3 natural botanicals especially blended to be safe and gentle on children’s sensitive skin. Research shows that baby skin absorbs and loses water a lot faster than adult skin, making it more vulnerable to irritations, dryness, rashes and baby eczema. EGee contains soothing botanicals that help to reduce redness, and soothe skin irritations, while helping to promote long lasting hydration by reducing skin trans-epidural water loss (TEWL).

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